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Benjamin's Worst Nightmare

Updated: Sep 7

This morning in school (5/4/22), 3rd & 4th class had a creative writing workshop. This was provided by an organisation called Fighting Words who promote creativity and writing as a fun and powerful means of self-expression & help students to develop their writing skills and explore their love of writing.

The children worked collaboratively with a writer over Zoom. They shared their ideas and then voted on the characters, setting and the greatest fear and greatest wish that the main character had.

The children chose Benjamin the squirrel as the main character. Attached is their group piece of writing. It ends on a cliffhanger as the children were tasked with writing their own continuation and ending to the story. We plan on typing these up in school soon.

An illustrator was also on hand and drew the pictures to match the story during the session.

Click on the link below to read their fab story.

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