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Third & Fourth Class -Sept '21

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

3rd & 4th Class News

September has been a busy month in the 3rd and 4th classroom. All 20 pupils have settled into their new classroom and have enjoyed getting to see all their friends again after the summer holidays.

We really value reading in Dromore NS and every day after small break, the children have 10-15 minutes to read their own book. 3rd and 4th class have started guided reading groups, three times a week.

We wrote about our favourite memories from the summer holidays and displayed the shorts on the line in the classroom.

In History, we completed projects on their family tree.

We have been learning about the counties of Ireland in geography by playing games on the Interactive whiteboard and the laptops.

We enjoyed gymnastic circuits in PE and have been playing team games such as capture the flag and the queens’ jewels. We also started practising out basketball skills.

We have been working hard on tables and we play lots of maths games using cards and dice to help us learn them in a fun way.

In Art, we painted Autumn scenes and Lupin Flowers. We also did the Dot Challenge where we had a black dot and could use it as anything in our drawing.

We participated in a virtual reading of the book Boscadán written by Laureate na nóg winner Aíne Ní Ghlinn. As she read the story, an illustrator showed them how to draw a robot inspired by the story. We are working hard on practising our Cómhrá questions in Irish and learning songs and poems using the Bua na Cainte programme.

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