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3rd&4th- January News

It was lovely to see the children back in school and hearing all their stories about their Christmas holidays. They all returned so positively and enjoyed seeing and being with their friends again. We’re looking forward to a busy Spring Term and it didn’t take long for us to get the term off to a great start as January was a busy month in 3rd & 4th class.

The children started off the new year by making their resolutions for the year ahead. They worked hard on their tables and enjoyed playing card games and a timed tables game on the whiteboard.

They continued with their guided reading groups three times a week and started literacy stations twice a week. They learned about the weather in Irish and pretended to be weather presenters. They did group projects on Antarctic animals and drew penguins and ice bergs in art using oil pastels. In history, they learned all about the explorer Tom Crean. They had lots of movement breaks each day and learned how to play dodge ball in PE.

We borrowed the Lego We Do kits from the Education Centre for two weeks and 3rd – 6th class were very successful in putting together the models and figuring out they learned how to programme their creations using the laptops.

Karolina is teaching dance to all classes for January and February.

Tuning Up is a music-in-schools programme in partnership with West Cork Music, which provides students with the unique opportunity to experience a performance by the best of Irish musicians. Music filled the school on January 24th when we had a music workshop with Catriona and Alex, two members of the Bangers and Crash Percussion Group. The students were introduced to a wide range of percussion instruments and covered the basic foundations of music including pulse, dynamics and rhythm. They learned about the role of percussion in orchestras and bands and the musicians performed some well-known pieces from films and cartoons. It was a lovely afternoon of music.

Here is a little montage of our busy month...

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