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Active Week '24

Updated: Jun 15

May has been a very busy month and we finished it off with Active Week. The weather was mostly compliant and we really enjoyed trying out some new/different activities.

There was a soccer league organised, extra PE equipment on yard and extra PE classes. We had a variety of movement breaks and active homework. The older girls also had Sciath na Scol matches, which they won, and got through to the final (whoop whoop well done).

On Monday, Tony came to the school and taught us some kick-boxing skills.

On Tuesday, Stuart taught us some Tennis skills. He reckons there are definitely some tennis naturals in Dromore NS.

We took a walk up to the grotto and sang a few songs on Wednesday.

We enjoyed whole school active stations on Thursday. This was great fun and the 6th and 5th class students were fantastic at leading their groups and making it fun for everyone.

We finished Active Week (and May) with a bang on our 'whole school' school tour at West Cork Secret. That deserves a post all to itself we think! So check back again for that.

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