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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Merry Christmas everyone.

The last few days before the holidays were quite busy. We were rehearsing and recording our Christmas performances. I hope you all got to see them. Fifth and sixth class got their Credit Union art back and we found out that Fiona came first in her category and it has been entered into the next level of the competition. Good luck Fiona! They all did some fantastic art work. Well done all of you!

We also wore Christmas jumpers, played board games, chess and card games, watched Christmas movies, listened to and sang Christmas songs, made Christmas cards for family members and people residing in Deer Park Nursing Home. Third and fourth class enjoyed some delicious hot chocolates - with marshmallows - yum.

Everyone in the whole school got their own chocolate Santa! There was lots of festive fun (and learning) for everyone!

There was a Christmas decoration competition for students that wanted to take part. This went really well and the children presented some amazing imaginative creations using recycled materials. These were all hung on the school Christmas tree for everyone to see.

An the winners in each class were........

Oh and third and fourth class had a dance off......

...I wonder who won? Looks like it was a lot of fun!

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