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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

This week has been full of magic and mayhem. On Friday we all dressed up in our chosen Halloween attire. We donated 2euro each and this will go to Mary-mount Hospice. We enjoyed an outdoor fashion show in the morning where we all got to see each others outfits. There were also lots of Halloween themed art, crafts and games during the week.

1st and 2nd class were casting lots of wonderful spells with their own hand made wands!

They also had lots of fun creating magic potions...

They enjoyed playing Witches and Zombies for their PE lesson...

And Natalia found the ring in the Bairin Breac!

3rd and 4th class enjoying the Halloween Fashion Show...

Enjoying Beetle Drive game for maths practice....

Halloween art....

Pumpkin carving and treats...

Overall it was a great week and ended the first half of the first term on a fun-filled, celebratory kind of note!

Have a great mid-term everyone and see you all next week!

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