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Infant News - Jan&Feb '22

The infants have started the new year with enthusiasm and energy. It has been very busy with lots of reading, writing, phonics, maths, art and crafts.

We started the year with a fitness session.

We have enjoying weekly dance sessions with Karolina. These are always fun and full of energy.

We made new year art, foggy day scenes, sock snowmen and we experimented with heat and made our own hot chocolates - they were delicious.

We made some bird feeders with peanut butter. This was sticky and fun!

To celebrate the beginning of Spring we made some colourful collages. We also did some paper weaving.

More fun with Karolina.

We celebrated Grandparents day - although it wasn't our usual celebration but we want all our grandparents to know how important they are to us!

We made lots of St. Brigid's Day crosses. Thanks to fifth and sixth classes for helping us. they are great teachers.

We regularly play games through gaeilge.

We have also been going to weekly swimming lessons. Overall it has been a very productive and busy few weeks.

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