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New School Year

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A Huge, warm welcome to the new junior infant class.

Our 11 junior infants have settled in very well to school.

Ciara, Jack, James, Joe, Fionn, Jamie, Keelan, Michael, Gearoid, Aaron and Dylan have been very busy since they started school. We have been working on our fine motor skills, making puzzles, playing in the shop and the sandpit and building friendships at break time.

The senior infants are also settling back in really well and are their usual, excited and chatty selves. It is extremely wonderful to see them all again and to meet the new students. We hope the year goes well for them and they make plenty of friends, learn loads and have fun.

The other three rooms are settling in great and have adjusted so easily to the changes. Lets hope the school year continues as well as it has started!

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