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3rd&4th Class News- Nov '21

November was a busy month in 3rd and 4th class.

They really enjoyed Science Week in school. They did a number of chemistry experiments in class.

They investigated the effect of putting washing up liquid into milk & food colouring.

They also made quicksand using cornflour and water.

They used a special soapy solution to make bubbles within bubbles on our desks.

They watched a live webinar on the night sky delivered by Blackrock Observatory.

3rd to 6th class came together to carry out some group experiments which included making lighthouses, large bubbles, mirror writing and balloon rockets.

They did a Science trail around the school yard and had to answer a range of science questions.

It was a great challenge and they learned new facts. A highlight of the week was making their own kites and getting to fly them outside.

Ms O’Shea gave us a very interesting talk about her time as a nurse and told us about different types of nursing and we spent some time taking each other’s blood pressure, temperature and using bandages.

They have been playing chess and games through Irish.

In history they learned about the Stone Age.

In Art, they focused on the artist Vincent Van Gogh and made their own "Starry Night" paintings. They also focused on the artwork of Wayne Tiebaud and drew colourful gumball machines.

They wrote reports in English.

In PE, they really enjoyed the trips to the Sports Centre for Gymnastics and Basketball. The coaches were excellent and everyone improved upon their skills each week.

They take lots of movement breaks throughout the day and run laps around the school.

We celebrated Thanksgiving and some birthdays.

They have started learning Christmas songs and poems in preparation for December. They also remembered their loved ones who have passed away and wrote their names on candles to hang on the tree in the hallway. They have started learning about the season of Advent as we prepare for the arrival of Jesus.

Oh and we had a few award winning mystery students:

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