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Plant a Tree

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

On Wednesday, Oct 13th, Ted Cook from the Heritage in Schools programme visited. He brought with him a bag of green compost, magic seaweed powder, some trees to plant and a fountain of knowledge and interesting stories.

He showed us his way of planting without disturbing the soil and nature too much. Here he is planting an oak tree with fifth and sixth class and some spectators:

Third and fourth class planted a Scotts pine with him. This is an evergreen tree.

Junior and Senior infants planted a spindle tree.

First and second class planted an apple tree with Ted. So hopefully in a few years we will get some juicy apples to eat!

Trees are imperative for our environment and it is a privilege, as a school, to have the space to plant our own zero maintenance wildlife garden.

And remember: If you are breathing - thank a tree.

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