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S.T.E.M with 3rd and 4th.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Third and fourth have been enjoying lots of S.T.E.M. lessons since they have returned to school.

They had the use of K'nex sets for a week. They made all sorts of creations using the pieces.

Plastic cup challenge:

For this challenge they had to stack the highest free standing tower using plastic cups and four elastic bands. They could only touch the cups with the elastic bands. It was pretty tricky but they all managed to find a way that worked for them.

Paper Trail:

Make the longest chain using an A4 piece of paper.

Cian and Daniel had the longest one at 2m 15cm. Well done!

Paper Tower:

Challenge- hold as many books as possible using 10 A4 sheets of paper as support. Shane, Charlie and Conor’s construction held the most with a total of 36 books. Congrats!

For Space Week they joined with 5th and 6th class. They had to make a space lander. It was a lot of fun testing the landers and seeing the different creations they all came up with.

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